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International trade in goods by Finnish regions

Compiler: Finnish Customs

Due to a procedural change in the statistics compilation process of the regional foreign trade statistics, the statistical information by region since the year 2013 is not entirely comparable to the information for earlier years. Until the year 2012, these statistics were based on the information of companies whose import or export value in goods trade:

a) exceeded 12 000 euros per year and was accumulated during at least two months or
b) exceeded 120 000 per year.

Since the year 2013, these statistics include the foreign trade of all companies without a value limit.

The regional foreign trade statistics are based on the information on import and export values provided by companies engaged in foreign trade. Therefore, the statistics include not only industry but also other branches of business, such as wholesale, retail and car trade, mining and building, companies conducting re-export, and the goods trade carried out by companies operating in the service industries. Foreign trade in services is not included in the statistics.

The publication is available only in Finnish.