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How do I submit an Intrastat declaration?

The statistical data is declared electronically. The statistical declaration may be completed and submitted via the Intrastat Declaration Service or by message exchange (XML).

Intrastat Declaration Service

The statistical declaration data is entered and sent via the service on the Customs website, where the declaration can also be sent as an ascii- or csv-file. The service does not require separate testing. The service has a CN8 commodity code search and the system checks the correctness of the codes, so it is not possible to use incorrect codes. The service is free of charge.

If the data provider afterwards discovers errors in the information reported, the corrections must be done in the declaration service by him or herself.

Persons submitting Intrastat declarations need an electronic authorization in the form of a mandate. Authorization is granted by the company CEO or another person with signatory powers through e-Authorizations (Digital and Population Data Services Agency DVV).

More information on e-Authorizations for Intrastat declarations

Message exchange

In message exchange the declarant sends XML messages to Customs via Internet. For sending the messages the company must have a certificate granted by Digital and Population Data Services Agency (DVV), subject to a charge.

Customs form “934e – Application for message exchange with Finnish Customs” is used when applying for authorization to use message exchange. The form is on page Message exchange forms. The Customs testing official contacts the customer and agrees on the testing of the system. After approved testing Customs gives authorization for sending declarations as XML messages.

If the information provider later detects faults in the data submitted, declaration sent as message can be corrected with a correction form.

Information on outages and disruptions

You can subscribe to information on outages and disruptions concerning Intrastat by completing the subscription form on the Customs website A disruption in message exchange.

Customs will send the messages to the e-mail address provided by the subscriber.