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Statistics specification: International trade transports

Title of statistics

International trade transports


Finnish Customs


International trade statistics provide information on the transport volumes of Finnish imports and exports by mode of transport and by goods category, as well as by country of destination and departure.

Data content

The statistics show the volumes of Finnish imports and exports in tonnes and the statistical values of the goods carried. The data is sorted by mode of transport according to the active means of transport on which goods cross the border. The data has also been grouped according to country and goods category. The statistical material also includes returned and repaired goods. Transit of goods is not included in the transport statistics.

Data collecting method

The data on mode of transport is included in both the data provided by businesses on their statistical declarations on intra-EU trade and the data provided in external trade customs declarations. The data on both internal and external trade are combined when compiling the Finnish international trade statistics. The data on transport modes is also combined then.

Applied classifications

The compilation of statistics on commodities is based on the UN's Standard International Trade Classification, SITC, Rev. Rev.4, as of 2007, and on the Commodity Classification for Transport Statistics in Europe (CSTE). The country classification is based on the Commission Regulation (EC No. 1833/2006) on the country classification of the statistics on the Community external trade and the trade between the Member States. The country codes comply with those of the ISO/DIS 3166 standard of the International Organization for Standardization.

Updating frequency

Monthly in electronic format in the Uljas service. The quarter data is published in the monthly and annual publications.

Completion or publication date

The transport statistics are published monthly within nine weeks after the end of the statistical month.

The quarter data is published in the Monthly publication on the international trade and the yearly data in the Annual publication on the international trade. Annual transport statistics is published in March - April following the statistical year.

Time series

The data has been collected since 1965. The statistics are available in the Uljas service since 2002.


import, export, mode of transport, tonnage, SITC, CSTE

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