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Statistics specification: Collection by Finnish Customs

Title of statistics

Collection by Finnish Customs


Finnish Customs


This statistic describes the amount of taxes and charges collected by Customs including profits remitted to the State, other authorities, and the EU. 

Data content

The statistic demonstrates the amount of value added taxes, other taxes and customs duties collected by Finnish Customs monthly on the import of goods. Finnish Customs collects waste taxes, waste oil charges as well as some other taxes and charges. Finnish Customs also accumulates income from services it provides for a fee. The statistic also demonstrates the excise duties collected on tobacco, alcohol and soft drinks, as well as energy taxes, which was collected on liquid fuel, electricity and some other energy sources until 2017. The collection of excise duties was transferred to the Finnish Tax Administration at the beginning of 2017, but Finnish Customs still collects taxes on taxable products from outside the European Union in certain situations.

The taxes and charges collected by Customs are remitted predominantly to the State. Some of the collected funds are remitted to the EU and other authorities.

Data collecting method

The data are collected from Finnish Customs' accounting records.

Applied classifications

Taxes and charges are collected according to the types of tax and rules of entry entered into legislation.

Updating frequency


Completion or publication date

The statistic for Collection by Finnish Customs is published 30 days after the month of payment has come to an end. The statistic is published at the same time are the monthly statistic for foreign trade. The publishing schedule is maintained on the Customs website. The data are also published in the monthly foreign trade publication as well as in the annual publication. A monthly publication is completed some 12 weeks after the end of the month to which the statistic refers. The target publication date for the annual publication is the end of the calendar year which follows the statistical year.

Time series

Data are available starting from 1905. The statistic is available in the Uljas statistical database starting from 2001.


customs duty, collection of duties, value added tax, car tax, excise duty, excise duty on tobacco, excise duty on alcohol, excise duty on soft drinks, excise duty on energy, motor vehicle tax, waste tax, tax on lubricants, tonnage due, compensation fee for oil pollution damages, charge for plant inspections, emergency-preparedness contribution, fairway due, border inspection fee, agricultural levies, reimbursement for collection

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