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The due dates for submitting Intrastat declarations

The Intrastat declaration must be submitted by the 10th working day of the month following the statistical reference month.

You can subscribe a reminder in advance concerning Intrastat deftly to your e-mail. You´ll get it two working days before the official due date.

The due dates 2024

Statistical period Due date
January February 14th, 2024
February March 14th, 2024
March April 12th, 2024
April May 16th, 2024
May June 14th, 2024
June July 12th, 2024
July August 14th, 2024
August September 13th, 2024
September October 14th, 2024
October November 14th, 2024
November December 16th, 2024
December January 16th, 2025