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Uljas API

Businesses and individuals have access to customs statistics on international trade via an open data interface. Statistical data and associated metadata from Finnish Customs Uljas statistical database can be downloaded via an application programming interface (API). API queries can, for example, be used to build applications for smart phones or new web services. The available formats are CSV, JSON, JSON-STAT or XML. HTTP GET or POST queries are used for data requests. The query is defined by various parameters.

The Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International licence is applied to Finnish Customs statistical data published in the Uljas database. This is a licence according to the JHS 189 recommendation for open data files in public administration. 

Statistical data can be used freely in every possible way provided that the source is mentioned. The user accepts these Terms of Use by receiving, downloading or otherwise making use of the material.

Four different types of queries are available via the statistical database interface. The first three are queries for the metadata and fourth for the statistical data:


Returns the names of the statistics files present in the database.


Returns the dimensions that are available for a certain statistics file specified with ifile parameter.


Returns the values that are in the classification (specified with class parameter) for a certain statistics file (specified with ifile parameter).


Returns the data values that are returned with certain class value combinations from a certain statistics file (specified with ifile parameter). 

An individual request return is limited to 50 000 cells.

Please read the API manual thoroughly before using the service.

Finnish Customs provides the API as is and does not take responsibility for any system downtime, technical failures, or for any products/services that are based on the API.

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