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If you have a Finnish personal identity code, you can identify yourself with

  • online banking codes
  • a mobile certificate (a mobile phone with a SIM card that has a mobile certificate) or
  • a certificate card (an identity card granted by the Police, an organisation card granted by the Digital and Population Data Services Agency, i.e. a civil service card, or a regulated social welfare and healthcare professional's ID card, i.e. professional ID).

Persons submitting Intrastat declarations need an electronic authorization in the form of a mandate. Authorization is granted by the company CEO or another person with signatory powers through e-Authorizations.

The mandate used for Intrastat declarations is Intrastat declarations on intra-EU trade flows.

Agents are also authorized in the e-Authorizations

If you use an agent, i.e. a representative for submitting Intrastat declarations, you must authorize the representative electronically in e-Authorizations by granting a mandate for transactions (Intrastat declarations on intra-EU trade flows) to the company acting as your representative.

The CEO of the representative or some other person with signatory powers must also issue a mandate to represent (Intrastat declarations on intra-EU trade flows) to the persons submitting declarations. identification and authorization for foreign citizens when submitting Intrastat declarations

Foreign citizens authorised to sign for Finnish companies and do not have a Finnish identity code must introduce the Finnish Authenticator Identification Service for foreign citizens.

You can submit an application for the registration of a mandate in the Digital and Population Data Services Agency’s Mandate service provided by officials. In order to grant mandates in e-Authorizations, a foreign company must be registered in Finland. It is advisable for companies to choose right to grant a mandate as the mandate type, so that independent authorisation on behalf of the company or organisation will be possible in the service. With the right to grant a mandate, companies can grant mandates to agents electronically in e-Authorizations.

Foreigner’s user identifiers (UID) should be applied for before applying for mandates. The person to be authorized must also have a foreigner’s user identifier (UID), if he/she does not have a Finnish personal identity code.

Customer support for companies and organisations identification and authorization: Digital and Population Data Services Agency, customer service for organisations, 10 am to 3 pm, organisaatiopalvelut(at), tel. 0295 535 115

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